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clogged gutters cause damage

The dangers of leaving Gutter damage untreated

The purpose of rain gutters is to divert rainwater from your roof and home. When your roof gutters become clogged it can play host to a variety of problems for you and your home. It can send a cascade of water down the side of your home, demolishing everything in it’s path and causing a multitude of hazards to your home.  From ruining gardens, to rain damage in your basement, or even causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your foundation it is not a problem to be ignored.

Here are a few ways that ignoring a clogged gutter can effect you and your home.

Gutter Damage

One of the problems presented by leaving clogged gutters is the damage to the gutters themselves. If you allow leaves to stay in your gutters for extended periods of time, the gutters may rust as the leaves decompose. Also if the gutters are clogged with water they are heavier, and may start to separate from the roof and eventually fall off.

Roof Damage

Damage does not just occur solely to the gutters themselves. As the gutters become clogged and heavy with all the excess water, they may eventually rip away and damage the roof as they are torn off, or even damage the side of your home as they are ripped to the ground. Before this happens though, the stagnant water can cause problems with the wood fascia that exists around your home.

Water Damage

Clearly the biggest problem associated with clogged gutters, this is also the one with the most visible damage. The primary purpose of your gutter system is to direct water away from the base of your home. When this does not happen major problems can occur. Water can spill over with sufficient force to dig holes in flower beds or gardens. It can also lead to excess around your home’s foundation, and over time this can lead to cracks and a weakening of your foundation making it susceptible to other forms of damage.
clogged gutters cause damage