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6 Winter Home Maintenance Projects You Should Do in the Middle of Summer (Yes, Really)

We won’t blame you if the headline on this piece made you do a double take: Why on Earth are these people talking about winter home maintenance in the dog days of summer?

But here’s the thing: Even amid sweltering temps, winter is still (eventually) on its way. And no one wants to realize they have a leaky roof or a tree that’s about to topple a power line after the first snow.

To avoid these and other household problems, we gathered insights from the pros to bring you a checklist of winter maintenance-musts—things you should do right now, smack dab in the middle of summer, even if it feels like it makes no sense.

So put down that icy Moscow mule and make sure your house is in tiptop shape by the time the weather turns cold. You’ll thank us later!

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