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Charging Your Phone With Hydroelectricity From A Rain Gutter

Did you know that you could charge your phone with rainwater? YouTuber Quint BUILDs discovered that he could harvest free energy from his roof with a hydroelectric generator. He lives in Oregon, where it rains quite a lot, so he got a bit creative with the opportunity. In a four-part video series, he documented how he attempted to harvest the natural resource to power some of household gadgets.

He started by climbing onto his roof to determine the flow rate of his gutter. To make the calculations, he needed to see how large his roof is. This required calculating the horizontal distance and the width and multiplying this by how much rain he was getting per hour. After doing a bit of math, Quint discovered that he was getting over 100 gallons an hour of rain on his roof — almost 2 gallons of rainwater per minute. He points out that’s not really a lot for electricity generation, so he uses a Pelton wheel to maximize the energy from the water.

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