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Choosing the right Rain Gutter Color

When installing rain gutters for your home, many decisions need to be made, not the least of which is what color to paint them. Often most people are trying to find a balance between time/cost and not sacrificing quality or aesthetics. Below are several points to consider when making your decision about how to paint your gutters.
First, are the gutters even visible? In some cases, the gutters are not visible from the front curb. In cases such as these, the color of the gutters may not be of such a critical concern. Likewise, gutters on the rear of the house may not be as important to you, as they’ll likely only be seen by those who stand in your back yard.
What materials are the gutters made from? Some gutter materials are not intended to be painted – a good example would be copper gutters, which have a classic, elegant style all on their own that only improves as the material ages.
Are you under any restrictions? You may need to consult your city, county, or homeowner’s association to inquire about any specific guidelines regarding your home’s exterior colors.
What color is the roof of your home? By painting the gutters to match the color of your roof, you can help them to blend into your home’s aesthetic – a natural extension of the roofline. If your roof is a shingle roof, you may consider a dark bronze, gray or black color. Alternatively, choosing a lighter color gives your roof a trim that helps to outline its shape.
More unique roofing materials such as clay tiles usually calls for a unique set of colors that helps to accentuate the aesthetic of the material.
What color are the exterior walls? Just as with the roof, the exterior walls of the home must be considered. If the gutter color doesn’t match the walls’ color outright, the two colors should at least complement each other nicely.
What color is the trimming on the windows and doors? One of the most common choices is to paint one’s gutters to match the window and door trimming of your home. This creates a visually appealing “outline” aesthetic that helps to frame the house and is, without doubt, one of the safest routes to choose.
Test Test Test! As with any painting job, the best thing you can do is create the best visual sample of the colors combination you’re considering. Color swatches are the simplest, least time consuming way to do this. If you have the time, it’s a great idea to go ahead and paint a gutter section or a downspout in order to get a better idea of what the finished job will look like.
One common mistake is to forget the color of your roof. Remember that to the majority of people who see your house, your roof represents around 30% of your house’s surface area.
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