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Five Expert Tips for Keeping Your Gutters Working All Year Long

Many homeowners believe that their gutters are functioning as long as there’s not a build up of leaves and seasonal debris—but that’s not the case. While keeping gutter tracks clear is important, there are many more aspects of gutter maintenance that you need to watch out for. And since the most common form of water management systems in place today are made from single run, seamless gutters, Busch says that foregoing maintenance can mean you’ll have to replace entire systems at once. While Busch says that professionals should inspect gutters and other rainwater management features at least annually, there are some types of maintenance that you can handle on your own.

A well-maintained gutter system can also greatly reduce the risk for flooding basements and other interiors while also preventing water from affecting your roof’s structural integrity. “The key purpose of functioning gutters, at the end of the day, is to swiftly direct water away from the home,” says Busch, sharing that gutter repair and maintenance is one of the most frequently requested projects for Mr. Handyman franchises across the nation. “You don’t want water to pool up against the foundation of your home—any water that’s coming off the roof needs to be captured and moved away, and you want to make sure that water gets to the appropriate place and doesn’t cause issues.”

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