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"Gutter Cleaning Can Be Fun", Read This Article To Find Out How!

Sure gutter cleaning sounds like a boring job but it can also be a fun weekend job that could change your life! First the basics, it is important to clean the gutters on your home each season to prevent damages to your homes foundation, landscaping and exterior wood trim and also to prevent basement floods and other expensive repairs. Ultimately it is up to you if you want to hire a Gutter cleaning company or not but before you do, read this article so you don’t miss out on some real fun!
Have you ever felt that adrenaline rush when you ride a roller coaster? You know, when you’re falling down that first big hill and something in your stomach just drops? Cleaning gutters can give you that same exciting feeling that brings joy to millions of roller coaster fanatics each year. However, your usually falling 30′ from a ladder instead of strapped safely into a car, and that landing is going to hurt if you land on a hard patio or even on bushes, especially when the ladder lands on you after your short sky-gutter diving venture!
The #1 rule in gutter cleaning is to make sure your ladder is placed correctly and someone is there to hold it steady for you!
#2 rule in gutter cleaning, have the right tools for the job!
Now it’s time for the actual gutter cleaning process so make sure you get help from a neighbor, or for a real knee slapping time, get your wife or husband (whoever sent you up there) to hold the bottom of the ladder for a couple of hours while you clean gutters.
#3 rule in gutter cleaning, have FUN!
Besides the cuts and abrasions you get if you didn’t take my advice and wear gloves, there is another surprise I haven’t shared with you. The Smell… Just imagine bugs, dead leaves and even dead animals sometimes that have sat in water for 6 months or more, rotting away in what is now a smelly, mosquito infested, slime coated gutter swamp! Trust me, it’s one of the pleasures in life you just need to have!
#4 rule in gutter cleaning, if you’re not having fun make sure your ladder holding partner isn’t either!
While scooping up that vile gutter slop in your hands and dropping it into a bucket as it runs all over you adjust your aim a bit and “accidentally” drop some of the wet rotting leaves on your them, or better yet, guide that foul smelling water streaming out of the holes in your bucket right onto them!
Disclaimer: This article on gutter cleaning is meant to be educational and funny. I highly recommend anyone that is thinking about cleaning their own gutters to hire a professional contractor for gutter cleaning. Falling from a ladder can kill you or disable you for the rest of your life and take away income your family needs. No gutter cleaning price is worth such a drastic change to your life. Only hire gutter cleaning companies that have a valid business license, liability Insurance, Workers Compensation and make sure the person cleaning your gutters has been properly trained to work with ladders, use the appropriate safety equipment and has some experience with cleaning gutters.
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