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At Gutter Innovations we custom design and manufacture a wide range of gutters suited for residential or commercial applications. Quality gutters installation specialists since 1993.

what is the purpose of gutters

What is the purpose of gutters on a building?

A guttering system is crucial to guide rainwater off any kind of roof structure to disperse away from the foundation of the building.  Water damage is detrimental to any kind of building structure – whether built using brick & mortar or wood or concrete.  Gutters are not just added to round off the design of the roof, it is actually there to ensure the safety of the foundation, the longevity of the walls and wall finishes and the building in its entirety.

An architect can design clever roof structures, a builder can erect well-sloped roofing and water proofing can be applied to seal the roof.  All for naught if gutters are not also fitted to carry away the rainwater as quickly as possible and have this rushing water drain in pipes away from the building.  Rushing water, especially in heavy rainfall areas can erode the ground adjacent to the foundation and damage not only the foundation but the structure as a whole.

The design style of contemporary homes or commercial buildings may call for clean lines etched against the skyline.  It is however best to hide the guttering system or have a greater roof overhang, but to go without gutters will just spell disaster and water damage within a short period of time.

Gutter Profiles Available

At Gutter Innovations we custom design and manufacture a wide range of gutters suited for residential or commercial applications.  Our range includes: Ogee profile seamless gutters in domestic and industrial sizes, bespoke designed box gutters, concealed gutters & tapered gutters for custom residential or commercial projects.

ogee gutters
ogee gutters

Ogee Profile Seamless Gutters

Ogee profile seamless gutters are perfect for a traditional architectural finish for domestic and commercial projects.  “Ogee” simply refers to the double curve with the shape of an elongated “S” when viewed from the side.  Seamless gutters or continuous gutters are manufactured from a single piece of material and don’t require any sealing at the joints or seams. Our on-site extrusion of custom made-to-measure gutters means no more leaking joints and with very low maintenance ensures longevity.  Round, rectangular and square downpipes can be used with these gutters.

box gutters
box gutters

Box-style Gutters

Box-style gutters are usually found on commercial and industrial buildings, being oversized and designed to handle large amounts of rainwater.  Box gutters are also used between a roof and a parapet wall or around a chimney as a chimney flashing. These can be manufactured tapered to create water flow in a specific direction as required.

These gutters usually have a high back section that tucks under the roofing.  We can manufacture box gutter products in any shape or size to fit precise applications, this could be between two roofs of similar or even different heights.

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    COLORLUME®, is a colour coated steel sheet of commercial quality, 0.5mm thickness x 1219mm width, and coloured on both sides.  14 standard colours are available to match the design style and paint finish or face-brick colour of the walls of the building.  All COLORLUME® products carry a 20 year corrosion warranty as the structural steel base has a Zinc/aluminium alloy coating, conversion coating, corrosion inhibitive primer and high performance exterior finish


    CHROMADEK® sheets are available in varying thickness and widths, and usually coloured on one side.  12 standard colours are available to showcase your individual preference or match the design style and paint finish or face-brick colour of the walls of the building.


    COLORBOND® steel is made from a durable ZINCALUME® core, a baked-on to corrosion inhibitor and sealed with a tough painted finish. The exterior grade paint is baked on ensure the finish retains its look for longer and to resist chipping, flaking and blistering.


    ZINCALUME® steel is a blending of aluminium with zinc in an alloy coating to enhance corrosion resistance and even increase the life span of the product up to four times that of regular galvanised steel with a Z275 coating in the same environment. This lightweight, versatile and durable sheeting is very popular for use in the building industry.


    Aluzink sheets are available in varying thickness and widths.  These plates are unpainted and have a silver/grey matt finish.

    Galvanised zink

    Galvanised zink sheets have a protective zinc coating added to the steel or iron that protects the steel from rusting.  The most common method is hot-dip galvanizing, in which the parts are submerged in a bath of hot, molten zinc.

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