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rain gutter protect from storms

Roof Gutter Replacement – Prevent Damage From Heavy Storm

Maintaining the gutters of the house is important because they play a very important role keeping water away from the home’s foundation and preventing basement flooding. During heavy storms, roof gutters pull away from the roof.

Tree branches hitting gutter can cause damage, as can leaves collecting in the gutters. So, it is imperative to keep the gutter system clean and maintained so as to prevent heavy costs of roof gutter replacement

To prevent your roofs and gutters from heavy storms, the following preventive measures will help you to deal with the issue:

Inspect the existing roof issue

Loose, sliding or faulty gutters will easily rip off during heavy winds.

Use shredded bark mulch as landscaping material

Rock and gravel material can be blown around with heavy winds, causing damage to entire house.

Cut and maintain trees and plants

Heavy storm or winds can cause extra branches and leaves of the trees to get stuck into gutters, causing damage to gutters and roofs. So, spring is the best season to remove dead leaves and broken trees that could fall on your home during a storm.

Ensure that the gutters aren’t loosened

Strong winds can quickly tear off the loose gutters and cause subsequent damage to your house. Before and after winter, you must clear your gutter and also check they are tightly attached to your home.

The roof is most important thing that protects homes from the elements. It is a wise investment to keep your roof in good condition to withstand severe weather conditions when your area is subject to heavy storms and winds.

rain gutter protect from storms