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Seamless Gutters Divert Dangers

Although water is a necessary part of sustaining life, when it arrives in large quantities and is allowed to build-up, this vital element can quickly become menacing. Water penetration can become a dangerously corrosive threat to any home because of its ability to cause many deterioration problems. And with this deterioration comes serious repairs, and with serious repairs comes serious dollars.

Therefore it is essential that you have the best drainage system possible in order to protect your house, and the best drainage investment on the marker comes in the form of seamless gutters.

More Water, More Problems
Water penetration can cause some serious damage to your home. If it builds up, it can create mold, mildew, and stains. Your roof and shingles protect your home from these outdoor elements, of course. However, the product which best channels away water is a seamless gutter system. It can prevent water from saturating your lawn and eventually leaking into your basement.

Ground saturation can also ruin your topsoil and cause some serious problems to your foundation. Plus, if you don’t have proper drainage around your roof, your siding and shingles could rot or warp due to backsplash. Therefore, a seamless rain gutter is the best alternative compared to traditional systems.

What’s the Difference?
Traditional sectional systems are easy to attach to your roof, but since they come in short segments that connect to one another, more seams are then created. The more seams in the system, the better the chance for additional leaks. And since the product’s main purpose is to divert water, a leaky gutter is like having no protection at all. Therefore, seamless rain gutters were invented.

These are custom-made products (sometimes called continuous gutters) that don’t have any seams at all except for when it is absolutely necessary: around the corners of your house where a sharp turn has to be made and places where downspouts are attached. But even these minimal seams are placed in areas where any potential leaking is less problematic. Overall, if you have fewer seams, you have a smaller likelihood for leaks, which means less penetration and more savings.

seamless gutter