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the benefits of installing rain gutters

The benefits of installing rain gutters on your home

You probably think of rain gutters as being first and foremost about diverting rain water coming off your roof away from your house. That is the clearest reason to install rain gutters, but the benefits go beyond that. There are many good reasons why rain gutters are ubiquitous around the world anywhere it rains.

Protect Your Foundation 

Water pouring off the roof will hit the ground directly around your home. That concentrated flow can cause fascia boards to rot and muddy water to splash onto your home. It can also increase erosion around your foundation, with a one-two punch that can cause leaks into a basement and degradation of the foundation. A well installed rain gutter will divert water away from the ground surrounding your home.

Protect Walls and Prevent Leaks 

Besides the splash from rain falling on the ground, rain that flows down walls causes streaking and staining. High rain flow will creep in any minor space, making windows and doors susceptible to leaks and rot. Rain gutters lengthen the life of windows, doors, and the outside of the building.

Plant Care Benefits 

Rainwater that runs off the house can do serious damage to your garden. Even if water doesn’t fall directly on plants, it will create its own path downhill, often turning into a stream that destroys anything in its way. You can use rain gutters to direct water away from plants and you can even install a water collection system so that you always have a tank or barrel of rainwater to water your plants with on dry days.

Rain gutters may seem like a single purpose product, but the various benefits of installing rain gutters make them much more. Find out how you can install rain gutters and get the maximum benefit for you, your home, and your garden.

the benefits of installing rain gutters