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Useful Gutter Cleaning Tips from Experienced Professionals

Gutter cleaning is always a tedious task even for experienced professionals. And when you’ve decided to do it yourself, it’s definitely going to be way more difficult and even dangerous since you lack professional experience in dealing with this job. However, there are some essential gutter cleaning tips and tricks all packed in this article that can help you in cleaning your gutters in a professional way. Let’s get across.
First Things First – Get All Materials and Tools Together
Cleaning your gutter system comes under your home maintenance activities, so you would make use of all the professional tools, equipment and materials that are needed for other maintenance work at home. Get those together first. A list of preferable materials should include: a ladder, a pair of sturdy gloves, a gutter scoop, a bucket with a hook, and a water hose. However, you would be able to clean your gutter system with alternative tools too. Having said, it’s recommended to use all the professional tools for a complete and thorough gutter cleaning.

Climb the Ladder to Reach the Right Spot

The first step is to gain access to the gutter properly. For this, you would need to take the ladder and lean it against a strong solid surface, rather than the gutter system. Next, get all other materials together and assemble in a way such that they would climb the ladder along with you. Put the gloves on, put the scoop and hook inside the empty bucket and carry the bucket along with you as you climb the ladder. Once you’ve reached the right place where you can easily clean the debris, take the bucket out and hang it with the help of the hook so that it’s easily accessible.

Start Cleaning the Gutter Now

Now, you are ready to start cleaning the gutter system. If you are using your hands to remove the debris from the gutter, be careful because there may be dangerous substances in the debris that can harmyour hands. It’s recommended to wear a sturdy pair of gloves. Alternatively, you may use a scoop to remove the dirt, which is way better than using hands since the scoop cleans more debris with each swipe. Gutter cleaning using a scoop is much easier, quicker and safer compared to using your hands.
Use the Garden Hose for a Test Run
Once you’ve cleaned the entire gutter by removing all the debris it’s time for a test run with the help of your garden hose.  A test run will ensure the gutter is completely cleaned and there is no debris left.
gutter cleaning