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What Type of Rain Gutters are Best?

When Should Rain Gutters Be Replaced?

If your rain gutters are leaking, or starting to rust through, or falling apart, it is likely time to get them replaced. But before you do, always get a professional to do a thorough inspection to make there is not some other problem you may not be aware of.
The ideal time to replace your gutters is at the same time you replace your roof. Rain gutters will usually last about as long as your roof will. After your old roof is torn off, your new gutters should be installed, followed by the installation of your new roof. This way your roof will not be damaged during the gutter installation. Additionally, with your roof removed, the installation is easier.

What Type of Rain Gutters are Best?

By far, the best types of residential rain gutters are pre-painted, seamless rain gutters (often referred to as just “seamless gutters”). Seamless gutters come already painted (pre-painted) and contain a baked-on enamel paint protecting the gutters on both sides – inside and outside! This enamel gives the gutters up to 40 years of corrosion protection from the manufacturer.

How are Seamless Gutters Made?

The gutter metal comes on a large coil which is fed into the gutter machine and is formed in the shape of a gutter. The gutters are formed on site in your front yard, driveway or street.

What are the Advantages of Seamless Rain Gutters?

  1. Long Life – 40 years of baked-on enamel paint protection inside and out
  2. No seams to leak or drip from.
  3. No priming or painting needed.
  4. Downspouts are more resistant to clogging.
  5. Less labor, better product.

Can I Paint Over my Seamless Gutters?

Yes, you can paint over your seamless gutters at any time.

Where Should My Downspouts be Located?

The purpose of downspouts is to collect and direct the flow of water away from the house and foundation. The ideal location for downspouts is usually at the corners of your house to reduce the impact water will have on the foundation and minimize any foundation settling. To reduce settling further, have the downspouts connected to an underground drain system that flows to the street or suitable drainage area.
seamless gutters